About Us

My Pocket of Sunshine is a company designed to spread awareness about mental health and bring comfort to those struggling with mental health. 15% of profits are donated to help those struggling with mental health crises. My hope is that people can find comfort in putting these positive messages out into the world even if they do not feel positive.

Accessibility, affordability and comfort were the most important aspects when creating My Pocket of Sunshine. I wanted it to be comfortable for days when it was hard to leave bed, accessible and affordable for whoever wanted them, and I wanted them to be honest about mental health and the struggles that so many people deal with. Most of all, I wanted people to feel a little less alone and to feel comfortable even when things are scary and uncomfortable.

Started when I was dealing with my own mental health struggles, I wanted to create a place that could provide comfort in hard times, a little sunshine and warmth during the rainstorms!

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