Artist Portfolios

Meet Lily! 
Lily, a student at the University of Arizona and Colorado native, specializes in digital hand-drawn designs and custom pet portraiture. In her free time, Lily enjoys spending time with her friends, exploring new cities, and playing with her dogs. As a student, she is majoring in Management Information Systems.
Instagram:  @tyndallartistry

Meet Ashley!
Ashley Hyatt is a traditional artist who creates surreal pen and ink illustrations, water color and acrylic painting,and digital vectors. On her spare time she loves to play Nintendo games, read fantasy novels, and spend time with her dogs! Currently she is attending Front Range Community College majoring in Studio Art.

Instagram: @smashley__art

Tiktok: @is.that.ash

Meet Jack!
Denver based illustrator, Jack Trujillo, creates whimsical cartoon drawings both digitally and on traditional paper. Passionate about cats and various fruits, Jack’s art shows bright smiles and vibrant colors. He is currently attending the University of Colorado Denver for a degree in Illustration.

See his work for My Pocket of Sunshine here.


Like Jack's work? 

Instagram: @liliumotono

Etsy: LiliumotonoGoods

Redbubble: Lilium-Otono